Blue Sky Rain specializes in the repair and renovation of existing sprinkler systems. That requires a lot more skills and training than just installing new systems.
Blue Sky Rain Technicians are trained specifically in the diagnostics and repair of irrigation systems and have tools designed for repairing sprinkler systems.
A Blue Sky Rain Technician will provide a detailed and thorough inspection of your Sprinkler System.
We will turn on your controller and manually advance to each zone to observe how every head is watering.
Controller won't come on? No problem. Your Blue Sky Rain Technician will test the circuitry of your controller and let you know if it needs repair or replacement.
While the Technician is assessing your sprinkler system our first mission is to check for the reason you called and the "Nuts and Bolts." That means, is the system you have in place working properly.
We will look for anything they see broken, leaking or not functioning as it should.
We will hand adjust the heads if they are adjustable and if they need it to give you optimum coverage of your turf and landscape.
We will program your controller and show you how.
Blue Sky Rain Technicians will inspect your irrigation system for the "Tweaks and Enhancements." That means are you getting the best performance from your sprinkler system.
We will suggest small changes in your system that can make a big difference in the health and beauty of your landscape.
Tired of Hand Watering Your Pots and Hanging Baskets? Ask Blue Sky Rain for Drip Irrigation that saves time and water.
Does YOUR sprinkler system run in the rain? Don't be that guy. Ask Blue Sky Rain to add installing an awesome Rain Sensor to your Project Request.
At the end of the Service Call we will give you a list of everything your system needs and a price for the repair. A well maintained sprinkler system saves you a ton of money on your water bill.
Blue Sky Rain will fix things that no one else could fix for you in the past.
At Blue Sky Rain we believe in providing amazing repairs that last. That's why we only use professional-grade parts from HUNTER and RAIN BIRD and Thick-walled Schedule 40 Pipe. It matters!
Blue Sky Rain will give you an appointment you can depend on. We always do what we say we will do. Click here and start now!
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Irrigation Assessment

You have to be home for the sprinkler assessment and payment is due upon delivery of the service. The Blue Sky Rain Technician will show you the sprinkler assessment and discuss your options for repair. For payment, we prefer a check, and we also accept cash or a credit card payment on PayPal with 3% added to cover the credit card fees. A residential irrigation assessment is $95. Commercial assessments are a minimum of $150 per controller and could be more depending on the size of the zones. Small commercial systems may be priced at the residential rate. The Irrigation assessment fee includes everything outlined above and does not include any repairs.

Project Order

For the repair project we require two things, access to your controller for the duration of the repair and payment when we are through. If you cannot be home for the repair project, please be sure to make arrangements for both of those things. We encourage you to allow your Blue Sky Rain Technician to run through your system with you when the repairs are completed. You want to see your system running like a charm, right?


All of our work is under warranty for one year covering parts and labor. The warranty excludes sprinkler head adjustments and setting the controller. To have the heads adjusted again or re-programming the controller requires opening a service call. The warranty also excludes lamps (bulbs) for landscape lighting systems. The warranty is transferable to someone you sell your property to.