Color Inspiration palette to do Daring Things from This Unique Source

Color Inspiration Palette to do Daring Things from This Unique Source The perfect color inspiration palette never eludes you, does it?  When you decide to paint a room does it happen like this?  You run to the paint store, pick one chip, get the paint mixed, purchase the paint, paint the room and voila!  The perfect color. Probably not. If you’re anything like my wife and I, you select a fist full of paint chips, take them home and hold each up in the room in different light comparing them to other elements in the room.  Study it for several Continue Reading

What to do about Chipmunks Chewing Wires in Your Sprinkler System

What to do about Chipmunks Chewing Wires in Your Sprinkler System They are cute and fun to watch until you see them picking irrigation wire out of their little teeth!  Chipmunks chewing wires can wreak havoc on your sprinkler system. I wish I were kidding. Did you know that chipmunks chewing wires can do some serious damage to your sprinkler system. They tunnel into irrigation valve boxes in your landscape and chew on the wiring causing parts or all of your sprinkler system to short out and not function.  Re-wiring a sprinkler system in the wake of chipmunks chewing wires Continue Reading

Amazing Flower Combinations That Will Make You Smile

When I met my wife I knew we were a match, but when I found her amazing flower combinations in the yard, I was sure of it!  How excited I was to discover that we both love gardening.  But I soon found out that I wasn’t a gardener.  I found that out from her.  I had formal training in professional landscaping and irrigation systems and my wife is self-taught from hours and hours of reading books, magazines and plant tags at the nursery.  Her studies plus her years of what she calls “experimental gardening,” sometimes trumps my training and experience.  Her Continue Reading

When you see Rachio WiFi controller tested you may quickly want one

This is What Happened with my Rachio WiFi Controller Test   If you want to know does it work and do we like it, the Rachio Wifi Controller trial season was a success. The Rachio WiFi controller is rich with features that work well and the support staff at Rachio is excellent responding to questions through email or a phone call within a couple hours.  If you are more comfortable using a smartphone than your irrigation controller, this system will simplify your irrigation needs.  If you get lost on your smartphone, you could easily get lost using a WiFi irrigation controller as Continue Reading

How to Spotlight Top Sprinkler System Repairs You Want This Year

With all that you already need to know to properly care for your home; your sprinkler system repairs are not giving you any breaks.  (Pun intended.)  Lack of knowledge is like cutting through a ranch on foot and not knowing where the cow pies are along the way.  We’re here to expose the truth about irrigation.  With a little extra sprinkle of sprinkler knowledge and the right irrigation contractor around when you need them, your system can make your plants and lawn flourish becoming the perfect backdrop to your outdoor family enjoyment. To help you avoid the pitfalls, we’ve identified the Continue Reading

Top Lightning Strike Damage Secret That Will Make You Gasp

  You woke up this morning and your wife asked you,   “Did you hear that powerful storm last night?”   Oddly, you did not, but you look out the window to assess the fallen leaves and stuff in your yard only to notice that your neighbor’s tree was the sad victim of limb-shattering lightning strike damage.   Is your first thought “A” or “B”? A.  I’m so sorry for my neighbor. B.  I’m so glad that wasn’t our tree.   No need to confess your answer to me, but even if your neighbor’s tree was struck and not yours, Continue Reading

Top 5 Garden Tips and Tricks To Do In February

Finally!  Beautiful, warm, sunny days in the forecast, which makes February in Birmingham, AL a great time to get a jump start on garden tips and tricks in your landscape.  Some weekends are better than others, but when it’s sunny and 55 degrees or warmer, I can’t wait to get out into my yard and start planning for Spring as well as getting a few things done that will make Spring and Summer that much better in my yard.  Just think of it as the perfect time to work outside in the air conditioning!   Garden Tips and Tricks Number Continue Reading

Gardening Dates Guaranteed to Make Your Marriage Bloom

I overheard my wife speaking with one of her friends about a book we both read before we got married called, “His Needs Her Needs,” by Willard F. Harley, (great book.)  Her friend’s reply was, “you could write your own book on marriage.”  My wife was thrilled to get this feedback from her BFF and I happy for such a nice compliment too.  One of the premises of the book is to fulfill each other’s needs in five categories and one of those is “recreational.”  My wife and I share several hobbies and one of our most rewarding is gardening.  Continue Reading

Do Rain Sensors Save You Money?

Have you ever been headed out to work on a rainy morning and seen one of your neighbors’ sprinkler systems running?  Most of us have and it always sticks out in your mind as such a waste.  Where we live in Birmingham, AL, there’s a huge commercial property on Hwy 280 that seems to always run the irrigation in the rain.  My wife calls it the anti-rain sensor.  She says they must have rain sensors on their system that detect rain and turn their system on!  I’m sure it doesn’t really run every time it rains, but you can see Continue Reading

Our WiFi Irrigation Controller Reviews Surprised Us

Waiting in line at Starbucks the other day I couldn’t help notice several people, myself included, using the Starbucks app on their smartphones to purchase their drinks and pastries and this reminded me that it’s time again for me to nag the manufacture reps in my industry regarding the speculative release date for their WIFI products.  With greater frequency, my customers are asking me for my Wi-Fi irrigation controller reviews. Let’s say you were about to go out of town for a highly anticipated two-week vacation in July, and your painter called to let you know your lottery number finally Continue Reading